Business Surveillance

RLC-410 5MP, PoE Security IP Camera
5MP, Super HD, Easy PoE
RLC-422 5MP PoE Security IP Camera
5MP Super HD, Easy PoE 4X Optical Zoom
RLN8-410 8-Channel 5MP/4MP PoE Security NVR (upgrade to 16-Channel)
24/7 Reliable Recording, Easy PoE

Super HD: 5 Megapixels

rlc 410

Reolink RLC-410

Reolink RLC-422

5MP (megapixels) has a pixel resolution of 2560×1920, nearly 2.4X the resolution of 1080p Full HD, and even 1.3X the resolution of 1440p. See your security videos more clearly, with more detail.

24/7 Continuous Recording

RLN8-410: supports up to 8 cameras

RLN16-410: supports up to 16 cameras 

If you want 24/7 video recording or if you have multiple IP cameras to manage, this Reolink NVR is your best choice.

  • Pre-installed 2TB HDD for 24/7 recording and monitoring.
  • Support all cameras recording at the same time (up to 8 or 16 cameras depending on model).
  • For longer recording, use motion detection recording to trigger recording only when motion is detected.
  • Allows you to install an external hard disk drive via e-SATA for more storage (up to 4TB).

Night Vision

Great cameras aren’t just measured by their quality in the daytime. The Reolink RLC-410 and RLC-422 security cameras stand out for their incredibly excellent images at night and will give you peace of mind knowing you won’t miss a thing. 

Black and white night vision mode

night bw

Colour night vision mode

night colour

Reolink RLC-410: 18pcs Infrared LEDs enable long night vision distance (up to 100ft). RLC-410 HD infrared night vision surveillance camera captures crystal clear video evidence of theft and vandalism that occur in low-light conditions where standard security cameras won’t work.

infrared sensors

Reolink RLC-422: 24pcs infrared LEDs and advanced IR technology make Reolink RLC-422 an excellent night vision security camera, letting you see any event clearly even in the dark. With a long night vision distance up to 100 feet, you can accurately identify people present in the event through videos captured by RLC-422 video surveillance camera.

Motion Detection Allows You to Never Miss a Thing

Reolink surveillance cameras can trigger alerts when an emergency is detected. When an invasion is detected, the camera will:

Send alert emails and push notifications
Upload videos and images to an FTP Server
Record and save motion-detected videos to your inserted Micro SD card (can be up to 64GB), or your Reolink NVR
● Create specific motion detecting zones to monitor certain areas as you please
● Adjust motion detection sensitivity to reduce false alerts.

Remote Access Made Easy

Free Reolink App
Get live streaming and other control on your iOS or Android mobile device, so you stay informed wherever you are

Free Reolink Client Software
View live feed, do 24/7 recording, playback video, and control several cameras directly on your PC or Mac.

Access and connect the Reolink security cameras on web browsers, including IE, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Firefox.