Prairie Voice Networks

Business Telephone and Texting Solutions

Communication is everything. Connect your customers and staff with our next-generation phone services.

Business Telephone and Texting Solutions

Keep Existing Numbers

Don’t miss a call. Our seamless porting process keeps your phones running during their transition from your previous provider.

Multiple Extensions

Each user receives their own extension. Direct calls to specific users, all users, configure ring groups, and much more!

No contracts - Cancel Anytime

Feel free to cancel anytime, we won’t hold you back! We’re confident you’ll love our business phone services.

Cloud-based Phone Systems

Connect your business phone anywhere*, anytime, as if you’re at the office. Working from home just got so much easier!

*high-speed internet connection with a minimum of 5Mbps download, and 2Mbps upload speed required

office phone

Text Customers with business Number

Make it easier for your customers and employees to communicate and save time by avoiding unnecessary calls. Keep your staff safe by avoiding the need to give away their personal contact information.

Hybrid Fax

Stuck in 1989? Our innovative fax solutions will bring you to the forefront of faxing technology by providing you with a fax gateway that can send or receives faxes via a physical fax machine, e-mail, or secure online portal. 

Our hybrid fax services can be bundled with our business telephone plans.